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Happy 4/13 here’s me juggling on a giraffe unicycle.

that’s it that’s gamzee he is real

so i made Mitunas helmet, simply from cardboard, plastic, clay, paper mache. and two 1/2 foam balls (or a single foam ball? they came as separate halves so.) the thing took a while to make, but i’m happy with the outcome! 


seeing other fandoms actually getting angry at the Homestuck fandom for celebrating its birthday

today is our one day to party after months of barely existing, don’t ya dare take this away from us


Happy 4/13!!! Now look at my terrible looking Sburb cake and bask in its glory!! Nom nom!

Happy 4/13!!! Now look at my terrible looking Sburb cake and bask in its glory!! Nom nom!

we also did Promstuck too, had so much fun! sorry about the quality, it was recorded on a phone, and the red fluff, i was wearing furry arm cuffs or whatever, the fur made a guest appearance.  if you’re also in this video, reblog and tag if you want, you get the drill :D  (loved whoever was dressed as Jade though, you were awesome!)

Photos from Khaotic kon! There were sooo many homestuck cosplayers, and I had so much fun! If any of these cosplayers are any of you, please reblog and tag, or like! You guys were awesome!




Martzia shifted uncomfortable in her chair as Crescent went through the whole process of how some demons hunted in the ‘old days’; as gory and detailed as possible. As much as Martzia found this chat………interesting……..

She couldn’t ignore the problem in her bladder forever. The Pressure was getting worse and worse until her brain was screaming at her to get to the bathroom. 

"Um, Crescent…" Martzia said, cutting Crescent off in the middle of her sentence. "Not to interrupt you, but……I really need to pee.” and with that, the hybrid ran into the bathroom to relive herself. 

"oh ok"

SPIT IT OUT! (pleaseget3pleaseget3pleaseget3)




"I want to touch you, feel your skin and caress you deeply so that your soul feels it…"

Effe’s face turned a bright red and she covered her mouth.

"O-Oh! I’m sorry… I don’t know where that came from…" She said, tugging at her short hair. 

"Bwahahaha! Are you drunk again?" The demon says quite sternly, "the only thing my soul will be feeling is the grim darkness that caresses it, not you… caressing it…", she paused for a moment, pondering on her words, "yea, that worked perfectly!"

Effe covered her face with her hands, ashamed of what she said. 

"I’m not even drunk…" She mumbled through her fingers, shaking her head. "I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. I don’t know… why… Arg." It was hard to move, how the hell was she going to look at Crescent the same again?

"i’m sure there’s been worse times", she smiled, flashing her sharp teeth, "you don’t have to freak out about it, i’m not one bit phased by this, but really, we’re not that close, no caressing or touching, or your hands will be torn off faster than you can blink!" 

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my friend strongly objects to homestuck and says that no one likes it and i want — no, i need — to prove her wrong. so anyone who reblogs this will have their url written in here



and i’ll show the notebook to her if and/or when it’s filled up. come on homestucks, i know we can prove her wrong!



this is the most surreal thing google has ever done

I am so tempted to do this.

Too bad it’s an april fools joke